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Sport, Housing, Shopping

5. 6. 2009


When we want to talk about sport we should define differences between sport and games. Sport includes all kinds of physical activities in which people or teams play against each other and try to win. For example: swimming, horse racing, climbing…  Games are usually played between two people or two teams. A game has rules and umpire who looks, if the players play fair-play and decides who has won. The most popular games are football, basketball, ice-hockey, tennis.

We can do sport as a professional or an amateur. People, who do sport regularly, are sportsmen or sportswomen. Amateurs are people who do sport for they own interest. They love physical activity and do their sport because they want to be fit and healthy. For these people doing sport is relaxing. It makes them happy and feels good.

On the other hand sport is a job for many sportsmen. It is not easy to become a top sportsman. You have to start young, train several times a day and have a healthy lifestyle. The best sportsmen are popular, loved and admired by sports fans that are ready to travel long distances to watch their idols play an important match. Many of them do not like doing sport but love watching.

The most popular game in the world is football and its fans are really emotional people. If a team loses a match, its fans sometimes start shouting the opponents or umpires if they think their decision was not right. They are called hooligans.

I dislike watching football. I think that it is boring. I am keen on ice-hockey. During the world championship I want to see all matches, when our representation plays. Unfortunately our representation is not as good as it was some years ago.

Housing and Home

Home is more than four walls with a roof. It is the cooking, eating, talking, playing, arguing and family living. Some people say that home is their birthplace; others say it is the place where they feel safe and relaxed. I belong to the second group. I don’t have my own room, because we live in 3rooms flat. I have a room with my brother. It is not very good, because it was a big problem, if I wanted to be alone. But now, my brother studies in Bratislava and our room is only mine. It is wonderful!

Houses look different in different countries. Type of house depends on a lot of factors. In cold countries, there is often a fireplace in the living room. In southern countries people prefer cool stone floors. Big families prefer big houses. In many developed countries people move more often. There could be more reasons: the house is too big, because children moved; one or both parents want to change jobs.

A house is a building for people to live in and often has more than one level. A house built on only one level is called bungalow. Multi-storeyed houses are called semi-detached houses, when they have one common wall and terraced houses when they neighbour both walls all stand in a row. Some people live in a block of flats. A set of rooms, including kitchen and bathroom, within a larger building is called a flat.

Every country has some typical features of its homes. In Britain, they have always garden and separate bedrooms and living rooms. On the other hand, they don’t have balconies or terraces which are more typical for countries, where the weather is warmer. In mountainous countries like Austria or Switzerland, there are balconies full of flowers which attract visitors in summer.  

My home is not as large as ideal home should be, but I am glad. This block of flats is as old as me. When I was born, we moved into the new flat. Since that times passed many years. It is sure, that now our flat has some disadvantages – for example old windows, door and walls, small balcony, etc… The biggest disadvantage is that I have a common room with my brother. I know that people could think that we grew up together. But it is not very good, because it was a big problem, if I wanted to be alone. But now, my brother studies in Bratislava and our room is only mine. It is wonderful! One year ago I painted our room and now there are 2 yellow and two orange walls. I think it looks wonderful.

Shopping and services

A shop is a place where things are sold. People often need to go to shops every day, because they need fresh food – bread, milk, meat, vegetable. We usually buy these products in different types of small shops, like the baker’s, where we could buy bread, rolls or cakes; the butcher’s where we get pork, beef or fish; and the greengrocer’s where we buy vegetables and fruits. Local shops that sell food, alcohol and magazines are called corner shops in Britain and convenience stores in the USA. If you need to buy medicine, you can go to the chemist’s in Britain and a pharmacy in the USA. It exist other types of shops, too: shoe shop, bookshop, clothes shop, jeweller’s …

More and more people nowadays prefer shopping in large department stores or shopping centres. A department store is a very large shop divided into several big sections – clothes, furniture, toys… Shopping in these places has a lot of advantages: customers can get almost everything under one roof; prices are usually lower and there are also special sales.

Shopping centres have other types of services under one roof – restaurants, tourist agencies, post office, banks, cinemas, cafes.

Shopping is a big business nowadays. Marketing strategies are at high level – advertisement tries to persuade customers that their products are the best; in shopping centres we can hear music – when people hear a good song, they feel well and stay here longer; special sales.

When we want to save money, we should write a shopping list.





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