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Interests, fashion, science

5. 6. 2009

Interests and Leisure

Many people use their free time to relax, either actively or passively.

- watching TV, reading the newspaper, playing computer games, surfing the Net, shopping

- summer – gardening, do-it-yourself projects around the house, cycling, skateboarding

- winter – sewing, playing ice-hockey or do sport in halls, no child would miss sledding after a fresh snow

- spring, falling – “spring cleaning” – washing windows, sorting old clothes, repairing houses, walking

- going to theatres, cinemas, pubs, discos, festivals, zoos, peaceful atmosphere in the mountains, woods or countryside, or by a river or lake; having cottages

Most people work hard and when they come home they are so tired that they don’t want to think. Watching TV is one way they can turn off.

- going out with friends – cup of beer, sitting, talking, playing pool, air-hockey, table-football, smoking, dancing

- education – learning languages, informatics


Many people, mostly women are interested in fashion. But I am an exception. The exception proves the rule. Fashion is the style of dress or behaviour. Fashionable could be things and styles, which are new (they have never been there before) or when old styles and dresses come back.

Fashion styles change very often. Sometimes it is so big change that people think that nobody will dress it. For example when somebody had the idea that trousers could be not only for men, but for women, too. Nowadays we can’t imagine it that we should wear only skirts.

The materials used are important. In the past were used canvas, cotton, but later those textiles were replaced by synthetic fibres. People return to cotton for its natural qualities. Instead fur we use fake fur.

Climate and weather – in colder countries people prefer clothes which protect their body from the cold – fur coats, boots and fur caps. In hot countries people wear light closes; use materials which allow sweat evaporate and cool their bodies.

school – jeans and T-shirt or top

work – it depends on type of work, people working in offices and banks are usually more dressed up: women – suits, tops or blouses, leather shoes and various accessories; men – suits, shirts, ties, suitable shoes

parties – something sexy, tops with gilts

special occasions (balls, official ceremonies) – women – robes or long dresses, men – tuxedos

shops – if clothes suit them and fit, they just pay and leave

nowadays a lot of different styles – retro – narrow trousers, dots, rich colours, colours of rainbow

Science and technology

Mankind has come a long way during its existence. In pre-historic times, people’s lives and their needs were simple – everything needed for life was a hand – they hunted for food, made simple clothes to protect them from the cold. Everything what they needed were their hands. Step by step, people started changing the world they made their lives more comfortable and easier. They invented wheel, built wooden houses. From that times passed many years.

People wanted to know more and more about sky and sun – astronomy

about plants and animals – biology

about their minds – psychology

about rules in nature - physics


1452 – Johan Gutenberg invented the printing press

the electric bulb light – T. A. Edison

telephone – A. G. Bell

penicillin – A. Fleming (discover)

20th century is the century of inventions – airplanes, the television, the computer, the mobile phone, the Internet. Nowadays in 3rd millennium we can’t imagine our lives without inventions (electricity, drugs, phones, televisions, freezers, washing machines)

The negative side of inventions is that people spend more time with computer and television then with real people and their families.

Invention – when a person has a good idea that nobody has had before him

Discovery – when a person discover something which existence nobody has known about





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